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  • The best of the region

    The best of the region

    The best of the region and The most interesting attractions in the whole Pilsen region

  • Chateau Zbiroh

    Chateau Zbiroh

    Castle in Zbiroh is typically representative of the development of the aristocratic residence in Bohemia from fortified castle to chateau, the need for security being replaced by the wish to display.

  • Catacombs in Klatovy

    Catacombs in Klatovy

    Katakomby v Klatovech (Catacombs in Klatovy) – that is how crypts under the Jesuit church in Klatovy are called today.

  • The ZOO in Pilsen

    The ZOO in Pilsen

    The zoological and botanical garden is located north of the city centre on a 21-hectare site of a rare scenic beauty. It is the only institution of its kind in the whole of Czech Republic combining both zoological and botanical exhibits.

  • Castle Klenová

    Castle Klenová

    Klenová castle belongs amongst the most famous and most visited monuments of Western Bohemia. Its long history, dating back to the thirteenth century, puts it amongst the oldest castles in the country.

  • St. Bartholomew Cathedral

    St. Bartholomew Cathedral

    Construction St. Bartholomew began after 1295 and was completed in early 16th century.

  • Pilsen - Great Synagogue

    Pilsen - Great Synagogue

    The Great Synagogue survived the Nazi occupation and more recently has been expensively repaired. Today it is regularly used in addition to sightseeing as a concert and exhibition hall.

  • Rabi Castle Ruins

    Rabi Castle Ruins

    Rabi Castle lies on the upper reaches of the river Otava in Bavorov highlands at an altitude of about 480 metres about 10 km northeast of Sušice in the vicinity of the same village.

  • Starý Plzenec - Fortified Settlement and Romanesque Chapel

    Starý Plzenec - Fortified Settlement and Romanesque Chapel

    Rotunda of St. Peter and Paul in Old Plzenec is well-preserved building from the late 10th century. It originally used to be part of Přemyslid dynasty seat.



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